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The Oregon Coalition of Health Care Purchasers (OCHCP) is a non-profit membership organization of private and public purchasers of group health benefits.  OCHCP presently represents more than 1 million Oregonians through the organizations that purchase health benefits on their behalf.
OCHCP is a member of the National Business Coalition of Health www.nbch.org in Washington, D.C.  This membership links OCHCP members to organizations within 60 coalitions across the country for idea sharing and benchmarking.
The Mission of the Oregon Coalition of Health Care Purchasers is to:
  • use the collective voice of purchasers to drive toward a high value health care system,
  • improve purchasers' ability to contract for high quality and cost-effective health care for their employees/members, and
  • help purchasers steer their employees/members toward optimal health.
OCHCP provides value to members by facilitating common projects with the goal of improving the quality and moderating the cost of health care.  Learn more



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